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Testbench for torque measurement


Transport system

Design of a durable transport system. Slidable trays, galvanized and painted contstruction. Customer: HMZ, 2010

Flash cradle – electronics board

Flash station developed and produced by Lemmens Engineering.  
side view Flash station

Injection molding machine

This is a custom made injection molding machine.   Customer: Euro-Stel N.V.  
LE - Eurostel - render 1
LE - Eurostel - render 2
LE - Eurostel - foto 1

Rear seat assembly station

This is an assembly station for the rear seats for a passenger car.
LE Assembly fixture rear seats

Flash cradle

This flash cradle is used to 'write' software on the electronics board in a production facility. A multi-wire cable is on 1 side connected with a pc and on the other side with the pins. The operator can easily align the electronics board onto the pins by means of the cradle.  
LE Render flashcradle 1
LE Product flashcradle 1
LE Product flashcradle 2
LE Product flashcradle 3

flash station for TCU’s

The flash station for TCU's is designed to easily place the TCU and connect with a pc to flash the TCU.  
LE Flash station close up
LE Flash station electronics
LE Flash station close up