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Housing for Electronics

This is a IP 65 housing assembly designed to fit a pcb and 3 AA batteries. The parts are produced with soft-tooling.

The housing is sealed with a rubber, a lid and 4 bolts.

It can be mounted with 2 screws or 2 tie-wraps.

Option: cable gland

LE Render PCB housings
LE Product PCB housing 1
LE Product PCB lid 1
LE Product PCB housing bottom view
LE Product PCB open housing
LE Product PCB housing

DC-DC convertor

This box containsĀ  2 electronic DC-DC convertors. The fan cooled DC-DC unit has options to continuously measure parameters andĀ  send them via the RS232 cable connection. The box has an insulated steel lid and has 4 mounting points. The unit is designed to be produced at low quantity volumes. 20-60 pieces.  
LE DC-DC closed render
LE DC-DC closed product
LE DC-DC open product

Flash cradle

This flash cradle is used to 'write' software on the electronics board in a production facility. A multi-wire cable is on 1 side connected with a pc and on the other side with the pins. The operator can easily align the electronics board onto the pins by means of the cradle.  
LE Render flashcradle 1
LE Product flashcradle 1
LE Product flashcradle 2
LE Product flashcradle 3